Tie dye singlets and custom order tie dye


Tie dye sings bright and happy, it congers images of splashing in water, enjoying the sun or jazzing up a winters day! 

King Billy stocks a range of tie dyed Bonds singlets from size 0000 right up to adults! Please see our facebook “for sale” album for current stock as they are not listed here just yet. 

King Billy also offers a custom tie dye service – we can do your already owned clothes, linen, cloth nappies, fabric or just about anything you can think of!                            Contact us to discuss your ideas and desires.

Examples of thin Strap Bonds tie dyed singlets


Kids rocking King Billy tie dye


Examples of Thick Strap Bonds Tie Dye Singlets


Kids in King Billy Tie Dye


Custom order - tie dyed cloth nappies


Kids rocking King Billy Tie dye


Examples of King Billy Tie dye

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