Product Listing Guidelines

Products listed on Cloth ‘n’ Craft Market sites must adhere to the following listing guidelines…

1. Types of Products

As described in our Terms of Use, products listed for sale on your Cloth ‘n’ Craft Market site should be excellent in quality and design. Physical items must be handmade by you (or outsourced in a small run) from new materials, or repurposed vintage materials and the products descriptions must state as much. Any digital products sold (downloadable patterns for example) must be authored by you. Please browse our categories to see if your ideas may be a good fit for our site. All products must be child/family friendly.

2. Image Guidelines

Images need to be of excellent quality with proper lighting and display of colours. Images should be edited accordingly. Images cannot contain any text/watermark (no eBay ID’s, website names, designer names, or other text, etc.). Each product must be assigned one featured image and other images may be posted into the product description, much like you would in a word document. Images should be uploaded in one of the following file formats: png, jpeg or gif . Clothing is best photographed on a model but it is not mandatory.

Here’s some product image tips…

To begin with, confirm that the objects look their best. Check for dirt smudges, and give your products a final cleaning before photographing them.

While taking the pictures, make sure there are no irrelevant or distracting objects in the background. Moreover, just because a camera has an autofocus feature does not mean that all pictures will be crisp and clear, so double-check your picture before using it. It is also a good idea to use a photo-editing program before you upload the images.

3. Image Sizing

Due to each site having a limited amount of upload space, it is recommended that images are sized at no more than 500 x 500px. This should ensure that images do not consume your upload space too quickly. We do offer a photo editing service, at an additional charge.

4. Digital Product Guidelines

All digital products/patterns sold on your Cloth ‘n’ Craft Market site must be your own work. Please no plagiarism! Digital products must be of the highest quality. Images should be included and all text/instructions should be clear and concise, as well as free from errors. All pattern pieces should be 100% accurate. All digital files need to be in PDF format. We do offer a PDF conversion service, for an additional fee. All digital files must be free of any type of advertising, other than for your Cloth ‘n’ Craft Market site.

5. Product Description Tips

Product descriptions should be accurate and of a reasonable lenght. Descriptions need to be clear and concise as well as free from errors. Please include all necessary information  to showcase your products features and benefits, as well as, highlight custom options. Shoppers should not be left with any questions after reading about your product.