Setting up your store

1. Go to Sell Products > Store Settings in the admin menu.

2. In the General tab adjust the location, tax and currency for your region and change the miscellaneous settings to suit your needs.

3. In the Presentation tab select your general settings, single product settings, product list settings and your store URL slugs then click Save Changes.

This software won’t create your Store page until Presentation Settings page is visited and you have clicked Save changes
The ‘Buy Now’ checkout button type is used if you want them to immediately be able to purchase the item.  In most cases you would leave as the default ‘Add to Cart’ so they can continue to browse before finalizing their purchase.

4. In the Shipping tab select your target countries and set your flat rate settings. Choose a standard rate and you can choose an additional rate for each product as you list them to allow for the shipping costs heavier and multiple items purchased.

5.  In the Payment tab select your payment gateways and configure each payment option you’ve chosen.