Getting Started

Getting started at selling with a Cloth ‘n’ Craft site is EASY! ┬áJust follow each of the simple steps below and you’re on your way!

1. Apply for a username and a website below.

You may choose at this point to sign up for a Premium site or you can decide that at a later time.

Please complete the form below to submit your application for a website.

Username and New Website Registration Form
* indicates required field
Your username will be the same as your site name.
Please list below the websites for any places you already list/sell/showoff your handicrafts. eg. facebook, etsy etc.

You will be contacted within 24-48 hours with your login details and the web address of your new site!

2. Log in and edit your user profile (see menu on left or under the “Howdy, your_user_name” menu on the top right). Once you have completed your profile, contact me and I will assign you as the administrator of your site.

3. Once you have been notified that step 2 is complete, you can now log in to your new site. You can now choose to use the Easy Mode. In Easy Mode you can choose the Wizard Mode that will take you through the steps required to set up your site.

If you wish to NOT use the Easy Mode. You can follow the steps to set up your site below…

1. Edit your website design under the Appearance ->; Theme Menu.

Here you can choose from a few themes or a bunch of premium themes if you have upgraded to a Premium site.

2. You can add the boxes you want in the sidebars of your site in the Appearance ->; Widgets Menu.

3. Edit your About Me page and your Store Policy pages – Privacy, Returns & Shipping Policy (found under the Pages Menu). A draft version of each has been supplied for you – you need only edit it to suit you.

4. You may also want to edit your site menu (if your theme allows for one) at Appearance ->; Menus.

5. Set up your store following the instructions here.

6. Start listing your products following the instructions here.

7. Contact the Cloth ‘n’ Craft admin and let us know that you’re set up. We’ll check over your site and then add you to the list of blogs on the Cloth ‘n’ Craft homepage!

… and you’re on your way!