Destash Classifieds Terms and Instructions

  • These terms are in addition to the regular Cloth ‘n’ Craft Terms of Service and are specifically related to the use of the  Cloth ‘n’ Craft Destash Classifieds.

    Cloth ‘n’ Craft Destash Classifieds are a FREE service provided to the Australian craft community!

    It is FREE to list your items and items can be listed for up for 10 weeks.

    Cloth ‘n’ Craft will NOT take part in any transactions and will not be held responsible for any actions of any parties. However if a user is found to be acting fraudulently, they’re listings will be deleted and their user account suspended.

    All listings will be reviewed/modified by Cloth ‘n’ Craft admin before publishing and being viewable to the public.

    All lists are searchable by category (fabric, ribbon etc) and colour; as well as various tags like designer, range etc (if the sellers have entered that information)

    Every listing will be shared to the Cloth ‘n’ Craft Facebook page so it would be worth liking the page to keep up to date on new listings.

  • To purchase an item listed on the Cloth ‘n’ Craft Destash Classifieds – simply click on “Contact Seller” at the left of the item listing.

    Enter your name, email address, and a short message. Do the easy maths sum to prove you’re a human, then click on Continue. You email will be sent to the seller and they will hopefully get back to you soon!

    – enter a message for the seller and your details and an email will get sent to the seller. Sellers and buyers are then responsible for negotiating the sale via email.

  • To list an item to sell on the Cloth ‘n’ Craft Destash Classifieds just click on “Place Ad”. You will find that under the “Destash Classifieds” dropdown menu up the top of any page or above any listings – or simply click here.

    1. List your Ad as “For Sale” or “Want to buy”

    You can either list your ad for an item for sale or an item you want to buy.

    2. Choose a sub-category for the type of item you have to sell or want to buy then click on Continue

    3. Enter the title for the ad and your contact details.

    Enter the price for your item in Australian Dollars as well as an ad description where you might like to list the postage costs etc.


    Some item types will have other details to complete like size, quantity etc.

    Complete as much details as you can, that way your items are more easilisy found by people searching through ads.

    Some items will also have options for colour and pattern. Complete these details also, again it will help people find items they are looking for.


    Choose Pattern

    Then just “agree to the terms and conditions” and do the simple maths sum to prove you are a human.

    click on continue.

    Upload your photo

    Click on Finish.