Preschool Pack

My son started preschool just last week. And every preschool day, he needs to bring a pillow as well as his food in labeled fabric or paper bags. Well I can’t bring myself to use paper bags or (quite frankly) to have to write out his name on paper bags every time I pack him lunch … and again for his afternoon tea … so I decided I wanted to make him a little draw string bags….

Now, my boy loves green … I mean SERIOUSLY – always asks for the green cup or the green bowl or the green plate  or the green … you get the picture…

So when we went shopping for his preschool backpack – he fell in love with this one …

Afterall – dinosaurs are pretty cool aren’t they?

So I grabbed some of this gorgeous green stars fabric from Riley Blake Designs.

I made him a little mini cushion and some little draw string bags in this fabric…

PLUS I made these little dinosaur labels for his bags! I was pretty proud of them as these were just prototypes… Again it’s a machine embroidery design that I created for it! I’ll let you know when I get around to releasing it!

So here it all is… bag, cushion, lunch bags (+ labels) and a sandwich box (again GREEN of course!)

He had a GLORIOUS day by the way!

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