Do I need to be registered as a business and obtain an ABN?

Each seller will need to determine whether the work that they are doing constitutes as a “business” or a “hobby”. It is your responsibility to do the appropriate declarations to the Australian Tax Office if you decide that you are … Continue reading

Are there any other guidelines to be aware of before registering?

Please refer to the Terms of Use page for further information on the running of a Cloth ‘n’ Craft Site. If you have any further questions – please don’t hesitate to contact me.

What does it cost to own and run a site on Cloth ‘n’ Craft?

There are NO sign up fees and NO product listing fees plus there’s NO subscription fees for VENDORS or Free sites. You can compare the costs and features of VENDOR accounts vs SELLER accounts here.

What are the benefits for sellers?

Online presence without the normal costs (domain name registration fees, website hosting fees etc) No Product Listing or Sign Up fees No Monthly Fees for small sellers Pay a nominal commission ONLY when products are sold Sign up as a … Continue reading

What can I sell on my Cloth ‘n’ Craft site?

In order to establish and maintain a high level of quality, Cloth ‘n’ Craft requires that all sellers follow some simple product guidelines…. You can sell any of your cloth or craft-related products on your Cloth ‘n’ Craft website, so … Continue reading

How does the Cloth ‘n’ Craft marketplace work?

Cloth ‘n’ Craft provides a simple but beautiful online place for crafters to sell their products as well as blog and share about their crafts. Crafters have TWO options: 1. Sign up as a VENDOR on the main site, list products … Continue reading

Why does Cloth ‘n’ Craft exist?

The aim of Cloth ‘n’ Craft is to provide an affordable online presence for sellers to gain further exposure for their products, while giving consumers the opportunity and access to buy good quality handmade products as well as crafting supplies.

What is Cloth ‘n’ Craft?

Cloth ‘n’ Craft is a network of crafters and websites creating a boutique online marketplace and an online home to talented crafters selling beautifully made cloth and craft items.