Pokemon hunters are GO!

Today’s School Holiday Activity

We are sometimes “early adopters” of new technologies – however some “fads” we are often quite slow to adopt.

Today’s new adoption was Pokemon GO! So in search of a “free” activity to do with the kids this morning – I decided it was time we headed off as a little family (missing Daddy of course ’cause he was at work) and go hunting for Pokemon.

It took a bit of introducing however – Miss Seven got disappointed when she discovered we weren’t going out to collect REAL Pokemon. (She’s got a vivid imagination this one) and Mr Five thought we were going Pokemon toy shopping.

But we eventually got the hang of it. Mind you after finding our FIRST Pokemon … we headed off to find then next one, only to have to do a U-turn and go pack looking for the REAL Pokemon toy that Mr Five had put down and forgotten about in all the excitement!

In search of a REAL Pokemon


It turned out to be a great activity … mind you it only lasted 1 hour before everyone (ok the little ones) got tired.

What’s YOUR fave free school holiday activities?


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