Personalised Pirate Hot and Cold Pack


I got inspired with my Pirate Hot and Cold Pack Pal and decided I might personalise some!

My son has been asking me to make him one for quite some time and so I thought it would be great to make him one for his birthday!

His is the one on the left in the picture below.

 photo IMG_20141121_212506_wm_zpsohwsuces.jpg

THEN, on Saturday just gone, my son went to the birthday party of a boy from church. The party had a pirate theme – so I decided to make him one of these too!

I asked his Mum what his favourite colours were. I was given Red and Blue. So I made this one…
 photo IMG_20141121_213140_wm_zps4gsntzvq.jpg

If you want to order one – you can click on the image below to order it…



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