Personalised Creeper Heat Pack


My son was invited to the Birthday Party for a lovely little boy who has been his friend since Kindergarten. When I asked my son what sort of stuff he likes or is in to, the response was “Minecraft”. Upon chatting to the Birthday Boy’s Mum, she confirmed it, and that got my cogs turning….

I had recently made larger babushka doll heatpacks for little friends of my daughters, and to start with I thought that perhaps heatpacks were too “young” for 10 year olds … but then I remembered that my son still LOVED his, so I thought it was worth a go!

So I set to work digitizing up a basic applique for the creeper face, as well as the Birthday Boy’s name.

This one (like all my others) has an inner filled with rice and the outer is seperate – easily removed for heating or coolng of the heat pack. However I made the back black.

 photo 20160520_215911_zpsvyh8utk2.jpg

According to the Birthday Boy’s Mum … he LOVED IT!

 photo IMG_20160522_214543_wm_zpskhn9y0kw.jpg

My job is done.


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