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Preschool Pack

My son started preschool just last week. And every preschool day, he needs to bring a pillow as well as his food in labeled fabric or paper bags. Well I can’t bring myself to use paper bags or (quite frankly) to have to write out his name on paper bags every time I pack him lunch … and […]

Marble Maze – Custom Order!

I made these marble mazes for the The Collective Project’s last showcase, but I have since listed them in my store as a custom product. I received my first custom order from a friend for a Marble Maze in this gorgeous orange and white spot. Hope you like it! It gets delivered today! Remember – […]


Fun Mousemat

I posted the pic below on facebook over a week ago now. It’s a picture of some fabric I’d chosen to make my next project out of. It was my brother-in-law’s birthday and I decided I’d like to make him something to add to his gift. Being a lover of green, I wanted to make sure […]