Casserole Dish Carrier

It was my beautiful sister-in-law(well one of them!)’s  birthday on Saturday. And a few months ago, she mentioned that she’d carried a massaman curry to someones house wrapped in a towel and it reminded me of how much cooking she does for people.  I decided that perhaps I could make her a casserole dish carrier for her birthday in a few months time.

So I hit google and pinterest.

The first one I came across was this one at a blog called Love of Sewing.

I was FULLY planning on making one like this … but typical me, I can’t make things exactly how they were originally designed. But as a side note, the cool thing now is that when I change designs, they’re working out now more often than not working. So that’s cool! Anyway, back on topic…

So I cut out the fabric the same as directed in that tutorial except I made it bigger by two inches in every direction and I was thinking of doing something else for the handles like this one from 2 little hooligans.

Both of these carriers are very similar but I preferred the straps of the 2 little hooligans one. Mind you, I wasn’t too keen to make them (even though I could – I was just pressed for time in getting it done!)

So I rushed off to Spotlight on Friday to buy some more insul-brite insulated wadding that I was out of and also bought some strapping to match the fabrics I’d chosen to make one out of…

Yep – a chambray denim and a red swirly dots fabric.

Yes, I recognise that it was a bit of a weird combination of fabrics but I was pretty sure my SIL likes these colours and the chambray was on the inside and not seen much anyway. I decided to link the two by using alternate top-stitching colours…

Blue top-stitching on the red and white fabric
Red top-stitching on the blue chambray.

Pinned and ready to stitch

So I centred the two rectangles on each other as in the image above and top-stitched along the original top-stitching of the piece going top to bottom. But I had the layers in a different order from how they were designed in the first tutorial… Instead of putting dowel handles in the wider piece like in the 1st tutorial above, or stitching on straps like in the second tutorial above, I simply swapped the layers around and stitched the red strapping for the handles into the stitching line I discussed above.

handle pinned into the seam ready to be stitched


So I started to stitch and…

…. one broken needle later ….

… I realised that I was trying to stitch through 4 layers of chambrey, 4 layers of cotton and 4 layers of insulbrite … and that I’d need a stronger needle! So in went the Denim needle and off we went!

I then pinned on the velcro on each side of each flap…

… like so …

… and then …

… tested out the positioning of the velcro using my makeshift casserole dish
-> my sewing supplies draw organiser.

In sewing the velcro on, I will admit that I said …

“Oh for a machine with a larger throat space!”
(distance between the needle and the side of the machine)

It’s not overly clear in this shot but it was a bit of a struggle pushing all that fabric through that little gap!

But after all that.

It was finished!

And she liked it by the way … 🙂


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