Bigger Babushka Hot & Cold Pack Pal


My daughter was invited to a birthday party for a friend from school. With it being so close to Winter, I thought a little hot & cold pack pal would be just perfect.

However I’ve always had it in the back of my mind so make a larger one of these… so I did!

You can see a difference in the sizes below…

 photo 2016-04-29 20.29.38_wm_zpsehy3i8np.jpg

 photo 2016-04-29 20.27.28_wm_zpsod32hnct.jpg

The birthday girl’s Mum had told me since that it’s been a BIG hit. Little Ruby insists on heating it up and taking it to bed EVERY night AND she LOVES that is got her name on it.

Ah I love giving unique and personalised gifts … especially when the little ones take to them so well. 🙂


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